Thursday, June 14, 2012



Been invited to join Sagala in Tiaong, Quezon last May 31, 2012.

Since I am an avid fan of anything Vintage, from Volkswagen, Ancestral Houses, Music and Fashion, I am aiming for a Vintage Look.  Vintage PINOY FASHION around 1940's - 50's.

 That's why I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome of my "Mix n Match/Experiment" 
how did I come up with this look?

As usual!
(the very best friend of a girl on a tight budget like me.  Halungkat until Makahanap!)

#1 found this OLD DRESS

#2 match it with this so called "TOOLS"

 #3 Hat - kinda Vintage looking
(Binili ko to, actually... murang lng to! promise!)

#4 Broken Tiara
glued on the hat! (siyempre galing sa halungkat!)

#5 Veil/Bridal Mantle
used as a Shawl
(binili ko rin ito, mura lng naman din, compared to the pineapple cloth shawl / filipiƱana shawl)

And the outcome!
Somehow... Achieve naman din ^_^
(hmm...i think so ^_^)

here are the other looks:
without the veil/shawl

Monday, May 14, 2012

A remedy for ruined polished nails!

One Week Old Polished Nails!

Not so Pleasant to see! isn't it?

But what if you still no time for Mani and Pedi?

Time to make "halungkat" your Kikay Kit and Look for Nail Polish!

In my case, my ruined nail polish was Hot Pink. Which reminds me of a Strawberry.
Why not make it look like a strawberry!

All you need is a Green and White Nail Polish.
like this...

And Voila!
Strawberry Nails!

Well... it is not that perfect.  But I think, this is much pleasant than the ruined tip nail polish. :)

Thanks for viewing! :)


Monday, May 7, 2012

PLEASURE OF LAKWATSA on a tight budget!

I am not a rich kid, but that won't hinder me to have fun this summer.  So would it be possible to enjoy summer within metro manila in a day and with the budget of P1000?

My answer is, WHY NOT?!

Your question would be, HOW???

Well, temperature here in Metro was getting hotter and hotter to the point it reached to 38° Celsius.  To beat the heat, should we go to a HUGE freezer??? With an Ice field??!

WHY NOT? (Again!) HOW? Let’s go to an ICE SKATING RINK!!! Where’s the nearest ICE SKATING RINK? No other than... MALL OF ASIA!

makapag MRT para mabilis.. from QUEZON AVE to TAFT station P15.00
took a jeepney for P8.50

Together with these lovely gurls we will be having FUN!
cooooz'.. Girls just wanna have fun!♪♫♪
oh.. girls.. wanna have fun!♪♪♫♫♪


pero before  we skate.. kumain muna tau.. malamang nginig tau sa rink kung hindi tau kakain!

Don't forget the COKE FLOAT ^_^

I forgot to picture the MALL OF ASIA LOGO.  Luckily, my friend KATHY has a picture of this.

With P390, experience to skate ^_^

UNLIMITED PASS for a Day.. Pwede!

Siyempre.. you need a Locker, to keep your things safe!
Locker for P30.

This is my second time but still a bit scared, because Ice is sure slippery.  Very much afraid to slip again!
My first ice skating was so memorable because I fell and slip so hard many times that my behind hurt big time.

Lagapak kung Lagapak ang drama :)
But it was FUN! and that's the most important.  TO HAVE FUN! kaya may i refer this activity to my friendship ng bonga.

Kaya here we are, ready to skate ^_^

Tip: You should wear thick Jeans! and Bring a pair of Socks!
*very first instruction of my special friend ^_^

fit your foot!

and tell kuya from the claiming area of Ice Skating shoes your size

ARE YOU READY? here we go, ice skating rink!

kapit mabuti shenglot.. masakit matumba!

Wait.. where's aira and kath? naiwan sa kabilang side ng rink!

 para mag picturan na lang.. daya! :P
Hey.. mag skate kayo.. sayang ang P390 ^_^

Tara Shenglot lets cross the rink! Ang brave natin.. Apir :-*
Left, Right, Left, Right.. dahan dahaaaan!

Easy! Easy! Konti na lng ever Shenglot.. we're almost there!

nasundo ko na si aira! take note.. napansin kami ng coach! Galing daw namin twice nacross ang rink! ANSABEEEH
ahahahaha YABANG!

o ayan c shenglot.. sumunod kaso........ sheeeenglooot.. keribels pa?
mas bilib ako sau.. ang brave mo tinawid mo mag isa ang rink!

si Kathy nagpaiwan sa kabilang side.. hindi na makatawid!

balikan si Kathy sa kabilang side!
ang GANAP? gulong gulong kaming tatlo!

LUCKY US! this Gwapong Gwapong little Kid taught us the correct way how to skate ^_^

Kapag Swerte ka talaga... lalapitan ka ng mga kids and will give you a hand! instant libreng coach!
*nung first time ko may tumulong din skn na cuuuuuute kids.. dalawa sila actually ^_^ 

TIP: choose the shoe size that really fits on your feet, kasi mahihirapan kayo mag skate if masikip ang na choose ninyo!

like what happened to my friend Kathy. Her feet hurt, that's why she had a hard time using the skating boots. ang Ganap? hindi niya masyado naenjoy!

P200 for a shot!
Photo Packages cost P200
we choose the package with 4 copies of wallet size photo
para tag-iisa km ^_^

over all we had FUUUUUUN!

but our day is not yet over!

CHUBIBO! where heading over!!!

MOA's Eye...  hmmm.. mala LONDON EYE lng ang peg

on our way to CHUBIBO.. nadaanan nmn si Niel Armstrong ^_^

Si Sanchai.. hinahanap niya si Dao Ming Xi
(sorry i am not sure with my spelling)

Ayan na siya... ANG CHUBIBO.. bow! ^_^

P150 per head
hmm... if your were to ask me.. if this is sulit?
well.. for a minute ride, that's a round of this big chubibo.. to be honest.. HINDI!
pati mainit sa loob, kahit na my airconditioner.. well baka nmn kc super shine over ang peg ni HARING ARAW ng mga oras na ito :)
pero you'll enjoy the view of the bay ^_^

mala ibang bansa ang dating ng view na itetch ^_^ 

 O.. Diba.. ganda ng view.. mas bet ng friend kong si Aira.. umupo sa lapag at tumapat sa AC
mainit kc!

 Tapos.. Tapos na.. ang bilis! Sabi sa inyo mabilis e... hindi ninyo mamalayan lalo na kapag nag pipicturan kayo.

Freshen up ourselves with these...

Maasim.. since Mango naman kasi siya ... 
Pero Keribels na.. nagtitipid nga kami.
Baka hindi na kami makauwi nito kung mag Starbucks pa kami ^_^

O.. napa tulala nga ko e... 

At ayun.. Uwian Time na...
Thanks MOA..

*parang mag gy-gymnast lng ang peg ko diba.. aheehee ^_^

MOA! you gave us total FUN!!!

*by the way.. Thanks for the SIOMAI and GULAMAN, shenglot ^_^