Friday, March 30, 2012

Lovely... Who?!

For the very first time, LOVELY tries to blog!
Lovely who is not that talkative and tries to keep quite always!
Lovely who is very fond of Korean drama!
Lovely who doesn't socialize very much but loves to play around with her outfits!

Now.. who is she?

This is me! Yes.. the picture below!
After 9 hours of curling! :))

but normally... i look like this 
Yes.. with my favorite Peace sign.. just like every PINOY pose!

Anyway... you sure are wondering..
If I am not talkative why would I try to Blog?
What's my purpose?

My main purpose is to help every Filipina find the cheapest yet fashionable items in the Philippines!
Because I believe, every Filipina has the right to be fashionable, even on a tight budget! like me ;)

Please watch out for my next Blog. 

I do have a fashion online store named Lovely Online Store... but this not something about selling my fashionable items.. well.. yeah.. I'll be posting some of my items here, but you can expect that I'll also be posting other fashionable finds which is very affordable! :)

Coz'... We can all be.. Lovely ;)

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